Chimney sweeping and supervision

Chimney sweeping and supervision

The sweeping service's supervision of and cleaning of heating systems shall contribute to fewer chimney fires, and to any chimney fires not spreading to the building.

The municipality shall ensure that flue ducts in heating plants used for heating buildings are swept when needed. The need for sweeping of flues must be assessed for each individual combustion plant. The need for cleaning is assessed and determined during inspections, as well as through professional assessment of risk factors. It is therefore not a given that there is a need for cleaning every year. Nordmøre and Romsdal fire and rescue carry out inspections and sweeping in Gjemnes, Tingvoll, Sunndal, Rauma, Aukra and Molde.

Notification of inspection and sweeping

Inspection or sweeping of heating systems is notified via SMS to the homeowner. Via SMS, you can confirm an agreement on inspection / sweeping or get in touch for a new agreement. If SMS is not answered, the service will not be performed. NB! The sender's telephone number may seem unknown, but it is completely safe to answer messages from us. 

Register your contact information here

Once you have registered in the contact and reservation register, you can receive important letters and reminders from the state and municipality digitally.

Have you reserved yourself against digital communication? The municipality can send you important notices and messages even if you have reserved yourself against digital communication. You will be able to receive such notification at the mobile number or at the e-mail address you have entered in the contact and reservation register in the link above. It is therefore important that your contact information is up to date. 

My Property

On this page you will find all information about your home / property when it comes to sweeping and inspection of the heating system. Here you can respond to notifications of measures, find history, any deviations on your building and remarks. You can also give feedback on correcting deviations / remarks and find previous dialogue with the sweeping service.

Sweeping and supervision of my property  

Notification form new / changed fireplace

The owner of a building must report to Nordmøre og Romsdal fire and rescue when a new fireplace has been installed or other significant changes have been made to the heating system. We make sure that this is passed on to your municipality.

If the fireplace has not been reported, the fire service has no basis for sweeping or supervising the home.

Registration of a new fireplace / change of fireplace in the municipalities of Aukra, Rauma, Tingvoll, Gjemnes, Sunndal and Molde:

Notification form for new / changed fireplace


Application for fee exemption in Molde municipality

If you remove all the fireplaces in the home, you can apply for a fee exemption:

Application for a fee exemption when removing a fireplace

NOTE: The application form only applies to Molde municipality. If you do not live in Molde, contact your own municipality.

As a homeowner, you must do this before sweeping:

  • Close hatches, valves and dampers so that you do not let it dust down inside
  • Fireplace must be extinguished
  • The room with the error hatch must be easily accessible and well lit.
  • Access ladder must be easily accessible

It is NOT necessary for the homeowner to be present when sweeping as long as the points on the list above have been completed and you can remove soot from the soot hatch on your own. If it is desirable for the sweeper to do this, the homeowner must be present to ensure access. 

Inspection of chimney / fireplace includes control of:

  • any previous deviations or remarks at the combustion plant have been followed up and rectified
  • any new fireplace or significant changes to the heating system have been reported to the fire service via e-form (link).
  • The fireplace, flue, soot hatch, chimney and any feed system for fuel have been satisfactorily built and installed (including ambiguities regarding the legislation's requirements for the combustion plant and the consequences of non-fulfillment and how repairs can be made).
  • the plant is satisfactorily inspected, serviced and maintained.

In addition, information and guidance is provided on general fire safety issues, including smoke alarms, escape routes and hand extinguishing equipment. During inspections, the homeowner must be present and have available documentation for the fireplace / s that shows installation, control and maintenance of the heating system. 

Ensure safe access

On roofs where there is a slope outwards, there should normally be a fixed roof ladder or steps.

If there are two or more pipes, the access between them must be secured with a roof bridge, possibly two or more roof ladders can be used. Ladders to the roof must be secured against slipping.

Roof ladders, roof bridges and ladders must be of non-combustible, corrosion-resistant material and satisfy the requirements of the Norwegian Standard (NS-EN 516, NS-EN 517, NS-INSTA 650, prEN 12951). Ladder of wood material is not accepted.

Chimneys that protrude higher than 1.2 meters must normally be arranged with steps / work platform.

Properties with a lack of facilitation for access to roofs will not be swept.

Alternatively, sweeping can be performed via a sweeping hatch in the attic where this is mounted.

Holiday homes

From January 2016, new regulations were issued on fire prevention for holiday homes. 

Nordmøre og Romsdal fire and rescue aims to carry out an inspection of all holiday homes within 4 years, based on the inspection it will be decided whether there is a need for sweeping. This is an annual fee, similar to the fee for regular housing.


For information on sweeping and inspection fees: see your municipality's website.


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